Delta Battery, 6/52 ADA Lineage, Honors and Insignia


Unit patches for 32nd Army Air Defense Command, Europe
DAAG-RDP-A, Distinctive Badge for the 32d Air Defense Command
AGAH-A, Shoulder Sleeve Insignia for the 32d Army Air Defense Command

Linage and Honors
Lineage and Honors: 6th Battalion, 52d Air Defense Artillery
Lineage and Honors: 52d Air Defense Artillery
Lineage and Honors: Air Defense Artillery

Coat of Arms

SHIELD: Gules, a bend potente or.
CREST: On a wreath of the colors or and gules alocomotive affronte gules, charged with the numeral "52" or.
MOTTO: Semper Paratus (Always prepared)
SYMBOLISM: The shield is red for artillery.  The gold pontente bend is an adaptation of the cottised bend on the arms of Champagne.  Crest:  The crest alludes to World War ONE service in France.

Unit Crest

"Semper Paratus - Always Prepared"
- Unit Crest of 6th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery -

Believed to be the patch for our German sister unit near Landshut

Army Awards and Decorations

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