SUBJECT: Shoulder Sleeve Insignia for the 32d Army Air Defense Command

Commanding General
32d Army Air Defense Command
APO NY 09227

  1. The shoulder sleeve insignia authorized this date for the 32d Army Air Defense Command was originally authorized for the 32d Artillery Brigade, 28 April 1966.
  2. The description and symbolism of the design are as follows:


    On a red shield within a 1/8 inch yellow border 2 inches in width overall, five yellow arrowheads 3 and 2 all conjoined.


    Red and yellow are the colors used for Artillery. The five arrowheads simulating missiles allude to the air defense mission of the brigade and their placement 3 and 2 refer to the organization's numerical designation.
  3. The shoulder sleeve insignia will be worn as prescribed in AR 670-5
  4. This authorization latter will become a permanent file of the organization in accordance with File No. 206-06 Organizational history files, AR 345-210.
  5. This authorization is in accordance with:
    a. Paragraph 137a(1)(o), Changes 4, AR 670-5, 12 October 1963
    b. General Orders No. 84, US Army, Europe, date 25 April 1966, effective 11 May 1966.
    c. Letter AGSD-C (M) (1 Jun 66) ACSFOR, dated 1 June 1966.
    Colonel, AGC