SUBJECT: Distinctive Badge for the 32d Air Defense Command


32 Army Air Defense Command
APO New York 09175


1. The distinctive badge approved for the 32 Army Air Defense Command, 8 August 1977, is amended this date to delete the sentence "The insignia is to be worn in pairs." The description and symbolism of the design are as follows:


A gold color metal and enamel device 1 3/16 inches in height overall consisting fo a scarlet enamel arrowhead (point up) surmounted by a horizontal gold sword, with point to the left; at the center overall a five-pointed white enamel star and in base a semi-circular scarlet enamel scroll touching bottom points and base of arrow and folded back on each side below the sword and inscribed "SWIFT AND SURE" in gold letters. (The areas between arrowhead and scroll are pierced.)


The star, a symbol of achievement, represents the command; the five points of the star allude to the organization's participation in World War II--Saint Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne; World War II--New Guinea and Leyte and the command's Phillippine Presidential Unit Citation. The vertical arrowhead smbolizes speed and efficiency in the air; the unsheathed sword alludes to the combat readness and the defense capabilites of the 32d Army Air Defense Command. Scarlet and yello (gold) are colors used for Air Defense Units.

2. This authorization is in accordance with paragraph 14-19a, AR 670-5.

3. This authorization letter will become a part of the permanent organizational history files of the organization in accordance with File No. 228-08, AR 340-2 or AR 340-18-2, as applicable.

D. K. Baxter
Colonel, GS