Miscellaneous Pictures from Hardheim, Germany

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View of the seasons from the barracks, 1985-86.

Steve Collins' Crete Thumbnails (click on for enlargements)

IMG_0006E.jpg (146344 bytes) IMG_0003E.jpg (204055 bytes) IMG_0010E.jpg (69781 bytes)

(See more of Steve Collins' Crete Photos)

Jamie's Thumbnails (click on for enlargements)

Lepper, Jamie, and Rampa (and "K-9")

Bob Mueller's Thumbnails (click on for enlargements)

The Admininstration Area - B.Mueller Old Post 3 - B.Mueller
(see also IHAWK for more of Bob's pictures)

Hector Hernandez's Thumbnails (click on for enlargements)

Rainer, "Junior" & Al Gera, Hector, Uli & Rainer Hector, Uli, Al & Rainer Tacsite Commo Tower
(see also IHAWK for more of Hector's pictures)

Craig Chaddock's Thumbnails (click on for enlargements)

Road from Hardheim to Miltenberg Burns standing by "The Doctor" Cox, Archer, & Barrientez on the road to the Frankfurt Airshow The World famous Bierbrünnen Ballcap patch for 1987 ASP team
Wappen der Orsteile Hardheim Unit Crest of NAMFI, Crete, Greece Fasching Parade Likeness of Burgermeister Ernst Hornberger Terrorist Wanted Poster
(see also Hardheim and Crete for more of Craig's pictures)

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