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Good Remembrances of Hardheim
Kurt May corresponds with them and reports on his pleasant experiences

Hardheim. How should she look for news from her hometown of Hardheim over the Internet? Beate Kruger, living in distant America was not sure, but started her search with the keyword, "Hardheim." She struck ore [sic], finding an address belonging to the former American soldiers stationed once in Erftal. She sent this address to her brother Kurt May’s attention in Hardheim. As a freelance professional EDV-lecturer, the 38 year-old enjoys surfing up and down the Internet.

English translation summarized where necessary

Craig Chaddock and Bob Mueller, both formerly stationed in Hardheim, like Beate Kruger’s husband Duane, have fond memories of this time in Germany and specifically their duty with the Hawk missle system. They remain so enthusiastic about the Erftal district, that they created very attractive and professional Internet pages for it. Their contribution offers to all former soldier and friends the possibility to exchange remembrances, and further to move forward to develop new Hardheim friendships.

On their website you can find pictures and graphics, stories and anecdotes about the old times, and a short "press release", that outlines their charter. "They have really done a lot of effort", explains Kurt May in a conversation with the FRANKISCHEN NEWS. The content includes for example a look from the former American barracks to Höpfingen, from the soldier’s perspective during winter and then summertime. You can see the former soldiers in action, the crest from Hardheim and the US Army unit stationed there. Also mayor Ernst Hornberger is pictured, however not in portrait, but as caricature figure on a car during the annual Shrovetide-pageant [Fasching].

Craig Chaddock lives today in San Diego, California. As a soldier he lived with the Birnbreier family. He has put the pages on the website, so that they can notify as many Hardheimers and former soldiers as possible, to leave their own email addresses with Bob Meuller to communicate on the Internet. The Internet address of the website is: . Kurt May is in regular contact with both of them and has now told of his nice experiences to the FRANKISCHEN NEWS [original article marked "i.E"]

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